Up to 50% tighter spreads on CFD

We slashed the spreads on most of the CFDs by half :scissors: so you can trade way cheaper.

Now you can find:

  • 50% lower spread on forex, indices and commodities;
  • 15% off for stocks on CFD.


I’m wouldn’t go near you guys as a CFD provider again as I still have memories of you guys changing the leverage to 1:1 with less than 24 hours notice. Stopping buying/selling on the most volatile stocks (volatility is how traders make money). Servers going down. The list can go on… much better providers out there imo such as IG trading, saxo bank and even plus 500.

Hey, :wave:

Each change is based on a risk management decision taking into account the market volatility when an event took place. We strive to provide as much time as possible, however sometimes, the rapid change of circumstances can require immediate action on our side, guaranteeing sustainability. We’ve been transparent and in case of any changes, we’ve used multiple communication channels (e.g. platform notifications, community posts, Help Centre articles, etc.) to inform account holders as soon as possible. Then, we’ve always kept an eye on the thread and possible questions, replying to any doubts as much as possible.

Also, the changes were temporary and were reverted once the market conditions permit it.