Update problems

Hi, I’m getting a lot of messages from friends saying they cannot update their pie. Personally I think this is a good thing, people should be thinking before they blindly update a pie, but this is an error that’s being received.

Any chance I can relay an answer to these guys?

My theory is that I own a stock that has been suspended from Trading.

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That could be one thing, @Briscoe. However, some instruments might be available to you and not to new customers, onboarded through our EU entity.

We’re working towards equalizing the number of stocks between the two entities (EU & UK), so pretty soon this won’t pose a challenge anymore.

Nevertheless, it’d be best for us to have a closer look at the specifics of each case, so let them contact us through this form and we’ll gladly troubleshoot further :gear:


Thank you! They all said they’ll be reaching out to you. Prepare your customer service bods :slight_smile: