Urgent - all positions closed at 47% [We are fixing it]

Hey David - I understand that you are busy - but do you have an update? Or shall I wait for an email relating to the case I raised earlier today? Thank you

I have now received an official email response which states that the team is looking into the issues. It also states this excludes any potential profit opportunities. I am grateful as it sounds I will get my money back, which was all my savings, but at the same time a little disappointed as this has caused me a huge amount of stress today. Let’s hope all this gets resolved soon and everyone is happy :pray::rocket:

No email for me yet :pensive: hopefully all gets sorted.

What does that mean excludes any potential profit making opportunities mean? At minimum I want the money back AND I want my trades placed back on at the same position i bought them for. If not then the FCA will be getting informed. This is not right and should not be brushed under the carpet.

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As many have stated already. Four of my positions closed that were all well in profit with all stop losses set to 0. Positions closed at large losses prompting me to close my other seven. I think what everyone would like to know is will we be reimbursed, will our positions be reopened and what are you doing to stop this happening again? There are currently a lot of people not willing to trade in potentially one of the biggest trading weeks of the century.
For information my four postions were BP, IAG, G4S and RBS.


not surprised at all, huge spreads everywhere 5usd stock - 30 cents spread, oil stocks suspended,inaccuracy in stock prices, they were whining yesterday about their cfd capital maxed out so now they try to recover in this way propably

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Good morning David - could you please check on the progress of my case 38503 - thank you :pray:

Updates please? Thanks.

Hi I went short on RBS yesterday 950 @1.3275 I had a stop loss in place 1.3753 and although my trade was in profit the trade was closed 1.8173 with a loss more than 10 times that of my stop loss, the price of RBS did not reach this level as I have looked at the official trade data which shows the price 1.31.85 at the time you closed my trade, I have emailed about this but getting nothing back, could someone look into this for me asap as my trading account has been emptied by your error, Mr Booth

I would advise you to wait for response from the T212 team.
There was a glitch in how the data was shown which caused a few issues yesterday for orders similar in nature to yours.

Hold fire and they will respond to your query. Just bare in mind that it is a first come first serve, so they won’t have forgotten about you, just are dealing with other queries.

People have been compensated already. Hope this calms your nerves.

hi thanks for your quick response,

I was informed it was being done in chronological order but people whose trades were closed after mine have been refunded and I still haven’t, clearly there’s a glitch in your system which has caused this, as my stop loss was bypassed and if anything looking at your charts my take profit should have been hit if anything, could you please look at my complaint asap as I’m getting frustrated with this service and don’t really want to take the route of contacting the FCA

@adm isn’t a staff member for the company. He’s a leader in community group for reaching out to people and helping out aswell as a lot of things in there to reach this level


@Tony.V Any chance of looking at this for me please I hear from a colleague you sorted there issue and it would be much appreciated.

@Jimmybooth As reiterated multiple times on the community, every single case is going to be looked at, no one’s going to be left footing the bill.


Great to hear @David

@David so why is the generic email I got sent claiming its being dealt in a chronological order ones claiming first come 1st serve and I’m hearing from people they have had there monies refunded from staff on here? it all seems an absolute shambles, 3 FCA regulations have been breached regarding pricing, stop losses and contact with customers, they are asking to see my evidence so I suggest you get a move on!!!

My claim about first come first serve is entirely based on MY experiences of working in customer relations for crypto companies. It is not me saying that this company works on the same principle but IMO I would like to think it is

the chronological order statement is false too as a guy I’m chatting with on social media has been refunded and he’s positions were closed after mine, so my trust in trading 212 has gone.

They are looking at each individual case as stated above. There was quite a few of us it happened to yesterday so no point panicking because you yourself haven’t been sorted yet. I’m still waiting on my own being sorted but, what’s the point in stressing over something they said they are sorting?


I’m not stressing, but you’d expect at the very least an apology from t212 after this error of theirs the service they offer is abysmal!!!