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Can I ask what T212 can do to stop posts like this ?
This user in the space of ten mins posted a buy buy buy entry and within minutes another post saying another share was much better.
There are enough inexperienced users on here without people posted recommendations with no hint of the reader doing research or any warnings that profit was not certain. I appreciate this is widespread but this doesn’t feel right


Thanks for bringing this up.

We’re monitoring each account’s activity and sending out a warning to the clients when necessary. Rest assured that no reports go unnoticed :raised_hands:

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Crying out for a block feature. Please implement it.


That would be perfect. One could block annoying accounts and never see any post from them again. Of course, there should be unblock feature as well.

Such an option definitely makes sense. We’ll consider it :v:

Hi Michael
Have you considered a report feature ? The community could almost self police to help flag things to you ?
The number of reports made could show against the post and if they exceed X amounts, perhaps 3, the post would be withdrawn until such time as you were happy it met your guidelines ? Or it was deleted ?

New inexperienced users would at least know to be on their guard if they saw reported to admin 2 for example.


Hey, @Nige :wave:

If you find a comment or reply that you find offensive, spammy, or containing advertisements, you can report it by tapping the “three dots” button next to the comment.

We constantly review the reported messages and delete them if necessary. Users who consistently violate our Social Terms of Use may face restrictions on sharing pies or posting comments.