Value of shares

I bought a share for $23.85 and then bought two more shares for $23.83. The share price when the market closed was $24.62. If I were to sell the 3 shares, I should have an earning of $2.35/£1.88. However, the result shown is £1.67. I would really appreciate it if someone could clarify the reason for the difference. Thanks

Currency conversion more than likely or a tiny fee was added potentially.

What fee do you think it would be?

I’ve seen sometimes a fee on sale for some items. Not a lot but things like this do occur.

Every exchange is different. US / Paris / German / UK etc.
In his case I think it will be exchange rate fluctuations rather than a fee, but I have seen a few fees sometimes appear now and again.

Just checking the bid was $24.62 (and not the ask)?

Like mentioned, first culprit is FX, meaning dollar depreciation towards GBP since purchase), 2nd is Difference between Buy/Sell price, (sell is below average price on mobile app).

The Fee mention is miniscule FINRA/Sec fee which are US exchange fee-s in range of 0.01-0.02$.

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