VERX ETF - Perhaps Late Dividend Payment?

Hello, I have received dividends from other Vanguard ETF’s yesterday, apart from FTSE Developed Europe ex UK UCITS ETF (VERX). I have received dividends from VERX on the last quarter, so it’s not an EX date issue!

Many thanks.

I’m still waiting for mine,think it is just delayed.

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Thanks for your reply Terry. I’m sort of glad not to be the only one who hasn’t received VERX dividends yet. I would of thought that if other Vanguard Dividends were already paid, that VERX would of paid too by now. However the last time I got paid earlier on one Vanguard ETF than the rest. I will wait just a little bit longer! :slight_smile:

@Yupiteru I have VERX too and didn’t receive the dividend yet.

It looks like we are confirming between us that indeed it’s a late payment on VERX. Once I have received the VERX dividend, I will post again to confirm I have received the dividend. Have a great weekend all. :slight_smile:

The difference might be that I hold VERX from Xetra :de: not from :uk: #Brexit

Hello @Yupiteru @moiettoi @Terry,

Dividends on VERX (LSE Listed) have been distributed to the eligible accounts. :v:t4:


Hello, I can confirm I have now received dividends for VERX LSE. So case closed for me! :slight_smile: Many thanks.

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