Very slow order filling

I have noticed this a while back and I thought it was just a glitch but apparently it hasn’t been fixed at all so here we go.

The thing is limit order has been filling at snail pace. I am trading high volume US stocks and I am not placing fractional shares order either. What I have been seeing so far is that my order is filling very slowly by multiple partial fills and it is only partially filled with fractional shares/small amount of shares although the market price is well below my buy order limit.

Is trading212 only matching internal fractional shares buy/sell orders without forwarding the order to IB now? Why is it so slow?


Do you have any more details - have you checked liquidity at the price you are trying to trade at?

A recent example is AMAT

My limit buy order of 115@$149.40 was submitted at 19:14, and the whole order was only filled at 19:20, after 15 partial fills with around 7-8 shares each.

Looking at the chart at tradingview there were definitely plenty of time between 19:14 and 19:20 the market price was well below $149.40 and the volume per minute was >1K throughout the whole period.

I got a similar issue a while back with a limit sell order as well.

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currently facing the same issue. order made at market price, it does get filled ?
does anyone have a clue ?

You’ll need to provide so much more information it’s untrue.