Please speed up your execution times

20 seconds for a order to clear. its far to long when on the minuet chart please speed this up by a lot


I’m experiencing the error “cannot connect to server”, wonder if it’s related to your issue.

Edit: seems to be fine now, previously couldn’t log in to the app.

I just want to chime in agreement. Is it by design or does the code need optimising? It’s very slow to appear in the bottom pane (advanced view).


You don’t know how long execution takes as it goes through IBKR so execution could be happening very quickly but updating everything wrapped around that could be taking longer or execution could be slow due to lack of buyers/sellers etc. The point is you don’t know.


Of course we know how long execution takes. i click sell or by then time the amount of time it takes before it clears pending normally i loose out on the price i wanted to capture as a result

Are you using limit orders? Also the GUI is generally 30 seconds behind the order execution actually taking place.

It shows a notification when the order executes, that’s not the issue. The issue is the time it takes to update the UI so action can be taken if the price tanks.

i’m experiencing price alerts that even when I instantly click on the push notification the stock has moved up 2%+

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no market order, i dont use limit orders

should point out this is for invest isa not cfd

Two things placing the order and the execution are independent.


The price comes from Bloomberg whilst the trading is via IB.

Well there’s your problem then, don’t use market orders unless you are feeling “lucky” regardless of what account/platform you are using.

Happens for both market and limit. Besides, this isn’t a ‘you should trade this way or that way’ conversation, it’s about the platform being slow to update after the order is executed.

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Agreed the platform catching up with the order is indeed slow, espeacially when catching those US open rips.

My reply was to a lower post which complained about getting filled at a different than expected price, which would be resolved with limit orders or conversely not filled at all.

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To chime in here, I would suggest that if you’re relying on 212 to day trade and need quick buy/sell execution, then … you’re on the wrong platform.

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Hello @evilted

Could you provide us with the name of the stock you are referring to?

it was carnival Y.M, fill ID EOF1242348825 i then proceeded to buy IAG which again had a delay

I hope you never fat-finger a trade and need to get out fast, or experience a myriad other reasons why you might need to get out quickly.

But this isn’t about trading styles, unless it is. Hence why I raised the question, ‘is it by design or does the code need optimising?

There was low trading volume at the time of the placement of your Carnival order which led to a slight order execution delay. Furthermore, no delays were to be observed with the execution of the IAG SA orders.

Sure, I agree but that is a systems issue rather than an execution issue.

I suppose you could check the time stamp of the order if you noted when you pressed Buy.

More generally I agree with others that if your trade relies on such precise timing then either use limit orders and/or pay for a different broker.