VGWE payouts question

Hello o7,

So I’m interested on the VGWE ETF, I know it’s acc instead of dist, but the question I can’t seem to find an answer to is, when and how often do I get paid out?

Can’t find this answer on Vanguard website, or at least, can’t find it.


Well then you do know already that you never get paid out? Hence why no information about it on Vanguard :grin:

It is paid out in shares.

That is not what an Accumulating fund is.

The dividends received within the fund are reinvested directly, which in turn increases the value of the assets under management, which in turns means a higher unit price.

But no payment, neither cash nor units, is made to you.

That being said, keep in mind that even in an Accumulating fund, you may have tax liabilities in your home country for the dividends payments of the companies held within the fund; Acc. or Dist. funds are tax pass through vehicles, so the tax liability is still yours, just as if you were holding the shares yourself.

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Thank you for the deep explanation. :pray:

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No worries, it is a quite common confusion for people discovering Acc/Dist funds.

Glad to have been helpful :+1: