VUAA - ETF - IE Vanguard S&P 500 (Acc) Accumulation question


I am super confused. I thought VUAA is accumulating, but I fail to see how or where that money accumulates. I understand accumulation sort of like dividends for example in History > Export > Dividends I can see that Apple and iShares Global Clean Energy (Dist) has generated me some dividends and thats fine - this is how I understand compounding - you get dividends and you reinvest them → profit.

But I cannot see ANY dividend or ANY return from VUAA whatsoever, any number anywhere that would tell me: “hey this is how much money you compounded/accumulated/got from VUAA”.

Where am I supposed to look/see how much VUAA compounded for me already?

You will not see this info anywhere, not even on Vanguard’s website.

What you may get, is a summary of all dividends distributed by the underlying companies (as you are still tax-liable for those), and you may also compare the performance graph of a Accumulating fund against its Distributing equivalent; the difference in raw performance is purely due to the Acc vs Dist factor.

Accumulating just means the cash distributions are kept within the fund itself, and reinvested - increasing NAV, and hence price appreciation %. It has absolutely no difference to a Distributing fund where you reinvest the cash distributions into the fund yourself.

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Perfectly clear. Thanks!!!

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