Returns in Constant Currency vs Benchmark

Can we have a feature where we can see the total return percentage in constant currency for the whole portfolio? It would be good to have the total return split so I can see FX impact, like it is for each investment. I would also like to see this vs a benchmark index.

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Welcome to the community, and thanks for the suggestion. I’ll run it past the team for further consideration right away, no problem. Just if you can elaborate on what small detail, before that.

When you say “constant currency”, what exactly do you have in mind? :thinking:

Thank you, I just mean without the effects of foreign exchange.

Oh, okay - now I get it. We’ve already started rolling out Multicurrency accounts. So, I believe that would take care of the way the return is displayed.

Let me know if I’m missing something, though.

As far as this goes :point_up: I’ll pass it along for further consideration.

I just want the total return in the top left to show the impact of FX on the return like it does for each investment (see screenshot).

Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 17.42.38