VTSAX (Vanguard Total Stock Market Index) and GB00B5B71Q7 (UK equivalent)

Just starting this newer neater request.

Can VTSAX please be added?

And the UK equivalent Vanguard fund GB00B5B71Q7 please.

Thanks a lot, loving the app and the work you guys are doing!

@Martin please correct me if this type of fund cannot be added (GB00B5B71Q7) as it’s the only ticker like thing I could find for it.

Hello, @Kaplant! Unfortunately, these types of funds are out of our reach at this point. It is possible to have them in the second part of the year.

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Thanks @Martin does this apply to VTSAX as well or can that be added?

@Kaplant It does indeed apply to VTSAX as well because it’s a mutual fund, not an ETF. Nonetheless, as @Martin pointed out, we’ll be expanding our portfolio with mutual funds in the 2nd half of the year.


Hello! I was wondering why are they out of reach? How does it work?