WAAAY OVERCHARGED on Market Order - ✅ Solved


I just placed a market order for 1 share of TEF which is currently trading @ $4.96. My market order executed @ $94.44 for a single share… I’m now down £71 from this…

I had no idea this could happen or I wouldn’t have EVER used a market order. There must have been a problem here?!

Does anyone know if its possible that I could get any money back from this error? Fml


After just researching online. Market orders are supposed to be the next best available price.

There surely must have been a problem here… $94.44 could not have been the next best price for these shares…?!

Any suggestion welcome, please help :frowning:

@JamieG I’ll look into it.

One of the @Team212 will be able to assist with you soon, I would imagine. They’ll be able to look into your account and see what’s happened better than anyone else here. Appreciate it’s very frustrating, but hang in there.

EDIT: They’ve beat me to it already by seconds! :rofl:

Much appreciated @David Thank you

@JamieG Sorry about that, the issue is permanently resolved now. The order was routed incorrectly to a different stock, which we managed to sell for a slightly higher price & even score you a small profit.


Thank you for sorting that so quickly @David i had a small heart attack there ahah

I’ve just seen that small profit, cheers :wink:


I bought a couple of moments ago 1 share of TEF, the market price was 4.95, but in portfolio it says that it cost me $95 dollars to buy it !

@m3talaxis Solved - even managed to close out the existing position on profit.

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Thank you very much !