Help - Way overcharged for an order

Hi I bought a stock this morning and was way overcharged for it, can someone look into this please?

I was charged at 0.51 when the stock was at 0.46-0.48 max

Obviously i lost quite a bit bu this mistake, can you rectify for me please?

For a question like this it is best to direct message one of the team using the email option. Members of the community cannot help you discover what went wrong. Maybe someone can make an educated guess, but only if you provide more details of what was the stock, order quantity, type of order (market or limit) and time you purchased. One of the team will respond in due course, but it works better if you send a direct message to @team.

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Thanks Richard, I thought the team monitor the support to help thats why i asked here

How do i send a direct message Richard i dont see any options? @Team212

After you click “team212” you will see option to send message to them

Sorry Ashige i just joined so i dont have or i cant see that option @Team212

Well offical support channal is via app “Contact Us”.

Guys i tried to contact them and they wont help maybe someone here can help

Today i bought 3000 shares of PRO (Premier oil)

The price was around 0.46-0.47

They charged me 0.51 for this transaction. the highest price the stock has been today is 0.47 so how can they charge this?

This is the answer the mobile app team gave me, but seems BS can you guys advise? The stock was never that price on the app and if it was i wouldnt of bought as it hasnt been 0.51 since MARCH

“”"I would like to inform you that the price feed that you see on our platform in association with the equity instruments is strictly indicative, however, this does not mean it is not real. It merely reflects the liquidity structure of the venue that supplies us with price quotes.

The actual execution of orders, however, happens via a smart routing system that leads the orders to the regulated markets and provides you with the best execution possible according to the policy of ESMA outlined in MiFID 2.

Having said that, I have to stress the fact that the execution venue and the venue supplying our price feed do not have to coincide.""""


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The highest price that Premier Oil (PMO) has been today is 0.5146 not 0.47.

Thanks but where did you see that?

For Premier Oil PLC

I have looked at 3 different charts today and cant see any breaking over 0.5

Im not looking at charts but trade data. You can find trade data on the LSE site:

thats what i meant actually trades sorry for the words

Ok thank you, again im checking 3 other trades for today and not one has it about 0.5

But thank you for your help

If you look at the trade data around the same time period as your trade executed you will see that there were many other trades executed above 0.5 :+1:

I also sometimes check the LSE website to see what are the actual prices at which trades are taking place. This can be a bit different to what one sees in the Trading 212 app, or indeed on the web sites of other brokers (this is not just a Trading 212 “thing”). I sometimes use a limit order to avoid those circumstances in which a market order might end up buying at a price I would consider to be too high. I see from the LSE records that there have been 320 trades of PMO at 51p or above today.


Yes I use limit orders where I can because it means you can buy on the bid.

I guess what you’ve learned is to place a limit order. Make sure it doesn’t buy higher than you’d like it to! This is especially true in stocks with low liquidity

Do you have a link for the 320 trades above 51p you mentioned please? I can’t find it on the LSE website.


Hi, Go to this page and look for Download. That is just after the first table of data. You will be able to download an excel spreadsheet of all the trades. You will probably be able to pick out the one that is yours. They are all given a time stamp and quantity.


Ah I’ve got it now thanks, had to load the desktop site version, wasn’t showing on the mobile page for some reason. :+1:

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Just realising I’ve been overcharged also on Fuelcell Energy.

Buy 400@ $2.65 16.55.08

Price at that time was $2.48

Anyone know what might have caused this? There was no high or lows of the price for almost 10 mins 16.51-16.59 it was the $2.48