Want to open chart for notification

In advanced view (ISA but assume same for Invest), I get a notification that company; eg a price alert has been triggered. I can click on the bell icon and see a list of recent notifications and if I click on one the panel opens to display the company info. All of that is great. However, I then want a quick (single click) way of opening the company chart as a tab in the main chart panel. I have just discovered that the diagonal arrows above the chart in the info panel do open the chart in the old advanced chart view and if I close that it has added a tab to the advanced view (very confusing to have multiple things being called advanced). However, that is far from obvious and rather annoyingly opens the advanced chart window view that has to then be closed. If I view a watchlist all I have to do is click a company in the watchlist and it opens a chart tab it would be good to have the same functionality in the notifications (first click bell to see notifications, then click notification to open info panel for that notification and then click something on that info panel to open a chart tab)

also if I do a search for a company I want to be able to do the same - search, select the company and then single click to open a chart tab

@WakeMeUp : Yes and Yes, I have found exactly the same, with the same thoughts. It can be clunky.

The “quick look” is ok, if you don’t need another tab open, but if you do need one, you do need one!

Where gets worse, and doesn’t work, is if the max number of tabs is already open. Then you have to close something and go round again.

One solution could be to open a new, regular tab off the Notification, (Or the Search result) with a warning (Like the old platform had) if it’s the last one.
Then you could do what you need adroitly on that instrument.

@Puzzled_one is there a limit to how many tabs can be opened at one time?

@IntInv Yes there’s a limit.
I may be a bit out here (Check the instructions … ahem*)

In the old platform you could have 40 tabs and if you exceeded it you could use the last tab but there was a warning. There’s was a drop list so you could SEE what your tabs were and which you’d duplicated. Worked.

Now you can have 50 tabs, some split, such as into 4 for “Chips” or 7 for “FATANG” and you can rename the tab to that.

But you

  1. Cannot see a list of your tabs - only what’s across the screen at the time, until you slide it off screen
  2. cannot use the “last tab”, you’re stopped until you delete something.

If you leave the instrument names as they were, they take up a lot of screen space reducing the number you can see. There is no option to use Tickers, afaik.
SO if you have
you can change it to “3xChina”

I need a lot of stocks on quick view for UK, US, Far east, plus indices etc.
They get duplicated and so on so I have to regularly clear the lot and start again. Changing “the set” would be useful.

If you search for an instrument which is already there, it may find the extant tab, but not if it’s in a split tab, afaik.
If you add a tab you may find the “Close” X icon is off the visible field, you have to slide the tab to the left before you can delete it

  • if you find those instructions, please let everyone know!