Want to understand the chart

Hello Traders,
I am relative new to trading 212. At the Moment I bought Gold (just 0.2). My Question is the following:

Why are Opening and Closing Prices of 2 following candlesticks not the same ?
It does not make sense to me that one candlestick closes at 1620.30 and the next one opens at 1618.81. Does anybody has an Explanation for this ?


A candlestick represents price action during a specific period of time (depending on which timeframe you’re looking at).

If a candle closed at 1620 and the next one opened at 1618 it just means that the price of the instrument fell between the previous close and now.

If you visit the β€˜learn’ section of the site (accessed by clicking on β€˜A’ sign on the top left of your screen) you can discover the basics. I’d recommend doing that before trading with real money. The candlestick chart is not unique to this platform.