Help explaining spike in chart


Can someone help me explain why the chart for bitcoin on Trading 212 shows a massive buy spike

It triggered my stop loss of $9600 which wiped my profits. I use other platforms and I cannot see this spike


IG shows highs of $9546 for that specific candle.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

A display bug.

Not a display bug if it triggers my stop loss

@SyM I don’t see how it’s relevant to compare with other brokers since there are more than a few crypto exchanges & everyone can decide which one they want to source their pricing from.

We use BitStamp & there I can perfectly see the candle at that moment, screenshot for reference (timezone GMT+3)

Thank you for the info, it was the second time it spiked like that guess I will stop trading bitcoin on trading212 :pensive:

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It’s probably a safe bet and good time to stop trading crypto period xD get your money somewhere solid and lucrative rather than sketchy and high stakes :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep hiding it under my mattress :slight_smile:

I experienced a similar incident with Bitcoin (BTC) yesterday (27/07/2020) between 18:05 and 18:10. It opened at $10,868.51 and closed at $10,729.93 with a high of $10,886.33. However, in the middle of this 5 minute period the price dropped sharply to $10,485.84; that’s a range of $400.49 in just 5 minutes. I had set a trailing stop distance of 300, so this sudden drop caused my position to close at £10,557.94.

I’d opened two new positions at prices of $10,868.75 and $10,858.38 at 18:01 and 18:05 respectively. I was closely watching the BTC price at 18:07 when my position was closed but I don’t remember seeing this dip. I immediately tried to buy back in, but the price was already back above $10,700. Fortunately, my position was profitable, but I still missed out on a lot of gains as the price has subsequently been as high as $11,181.60.

I’ve checked Bitstamp and confirmed that it also shows the dip.

Can somebody explain the circumstances that cause these sudden price changes? With BTC rising dramatically recently and the sellers/buyers ratio being around 10/90, I don’t understand how such a dramatic downward move can happen.

I’ve only started trading using the CFD platform recently, so I’m trying to develop an understanding of how to set my Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing Stop associated orders.

BTC is notoriously volatile.

10% flash dips are not uncommon.