Warner music IPO

How long is it taking to sort this out, it’s a joke been on so many stocks lately should be 0 errors. Peoples money your playing with

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Have a good evening everyone! I think I’ll call it a day and check up on this issue tomorrow morning! :+1:

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This wasn’t to you btw! Was to an admin but same here, will it be green will it be red haha.

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I think this will be an issue needing tweaking by one of their developers, so more than likely nothing will be changed until tomorrow.

From what I have seen:

What works:

  • Market Orders work
  • Limit Sells Work
  • Limit Buys work, but need to be under $26.

What doesn’t work:

  • Live price data shown.
  • Limit buys above $26

So yea, bare with it guys. Fix will be tomorrow im sure.

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The issue seems to have been fixed! Thanks @Team212 @David!

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Affirmative. Thanks to those involved. Quickest turnaround from being £90 down to £10 up! :rofl:


Thank you for being proactive in adding WMG on its IPO day!


Sorry for the little price debacle yesterday - I would just like to confirm that all orders still went through at NBBO every single time.

As for being proactive in adding IPOs - just ping us on the day an IPO’s certain & we’ll definitely add it, both EQ & CFD.


Where one could find info about companies going IPO? As a free broker I thing it is amazing feature that we can take part in IPO <3

@Ashige I’m not sure what’s the best free, publicly available source. Maybe https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/ipos for US IPOs.


@David will take a look on this for sure, thanks



When is zoominfo live?

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No one can say for certain. All I can say from past experience is this:

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