Warner music IPO

Not one I’m willing to gamble just in case! :see_no_evil::rofl:

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Hold on tight! lol Hold on for dear life…for now at least lol

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I didn’t sell, just wanted to see if I got the correct price when trying to sell

can’t even find the stock on the app, I tried wmg but not there.

If you search for wmg, you should get it

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It’s just IPO’d so little quirks are bound to be about.

It’ll all be solved though, don’t worry :slight_smile:

It is a little bit odd looking though lol.

Either way, the beers are on @AdrianUK if his order goes sky high. :beer::beers: :smiley:


I’d hold on rather than sell until it’s resolved, though I’d imagine if you’re in it for the short squeeze and you hit sell before it’s fixed it would only be fair that Trading212 compensated you accordingly if there was an error

Buy price is proper but what is displayed after is let say odd xD

And if it all goes to **** I’ll use the beer glasses to collect donations on the streets of London lol :joy:


I was the guinea pig.

Just sold the stock and it returned a profit.
I used a limit sell though!

Woohoo - have no fear lads :smiley:


+1 beer :beer: on me, for you! lol


I assume you’ve grabbed a few shares then! :raised_hands:

Ah that’s good to know! I’m going long with this one, planning to average in over the next week or two as I want it to be quite a large position in my portfolio. A $25 initial offering is astoundingly undervalued considering Warner’s intellectual property and its potential :grin:

I sold mine for 29.10 a share

And then there’s me who still can’t purchase at has his dashboard stuck at $34.56 a share.

The limit is worked me for 25$. The request sent at this price, but this is my first limit order. I don’t know what to do now.

Well at the moment stock is traded at 29.55 so you will have to wait until that price, or change order if you wish to buy today

Limit orders don’t seem to be working 100%.

You can’t seem to set orders above $26. But can set ones below $25.
So a limit of $28 is not going through.

I just tried to purchase 10 shares (which at the actual price I could afford) but at the incorrect price I couldn’t. Tried to submit the order anyways.

What happened next was weird. It placed the buy order then immediate sole the same order leaving me with a loss of the spread I guess?

Would be nice to fix this is possible :slight_smile:

Best I can advise people right now would be to only risk what your willing to lose out on.
All seems to work with market orders, albeit the prices are not shown live.

There are issues with this stock right now, so don’t trade if you don’t have to.
Any issues i’m sure Trading212 will address, but try not to increase the issues if possible guys.

:smiley: :+1: