We need the 5 Minute Chart!

We need the 5/15/30/45 & Minute Chart!! 1 minute to 1 hour is a huge spectrum & limits the platforms tradability


+1 to this, currently using another platform for the charting side as 1m to 1 hour is too broad

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They want to make cfd more attractive i believe

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if they are, they are wasting there time because the headline for their CFD product is " 76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. it’s already commision free plus all their competitors have these features so if they don’t listen to us then it’s time to find a new platform like etoro

Nikeet makes a great point it’s already available and shouldn’t take much to add to the ISA/investment accounts

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I have read this yesterday and tadaaa, today it’s available in the web version (but not in the app yet).
Either coincidence or remarkably fast response


Hey thanks for the heads up. I think it’s a fast response :+1:

Amazing. I couldn’t see it as I was still logged in.
Logged out, back in and to quote @happytrade “tadaaa”, there it was. Excellent news!
Let’s hope it was a ‘remarkably fast response’! To be fair, I have found @Trading212 very good at responding here. If they respond equally well with platform upgrades, there should be no stopping them. Certainly best UK platform at present - in my view.

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We’re working on adding back the requested charts: already available on web (as of today), and you may expect them with the upcoming updates of the mobile app.

You asked. We delivered. :v:


Oh my :heart:
Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 11.21.05

:wink: Just need VWAP to be working properly now @Tony.V :pray:

a bit like this, rather than that blue line above:

After hours charting would be the cherry on the top :cherries:

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@Trading212, how about it? How about the :cherries: on the top with after hours chart too please? Then more than happy for you to work with other update request in your own time :innocent:


Have you spotted TradingView have just split AH and pre colours now? Would love to see this T212!

Turned off looking fairly close…

and with what actually happened outside of normal hours turned on…

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Yeah +1 for AH/PM charts and also 180 day chart if possible please?

New charts highly appreciated in the meantime!

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Nicely done. 5min standard :candle: on Webull for comparison.

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Volume too could be improved. We have Tick Volume but not as useful.

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…and 5min Heikin Ashi:

thats the 4h chart i believe

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The 4hr chart is the 180day chart? Really?

yes it is usually. what did you expect? that it says 180 day?? The 1min chart shows the data from one day

Maybe I’m confusing periodicity with chart.

Or maybe I’ve not realised each particular chart correlates to a particular periodicity. Is that right?

Either way sounds like I’ve been slow in the uptake!