Extra time periods

Hey there, not sure if this has been brought up.

I was wondering what the possibility would be to add in more time periods for the charts.

currently it jumps from 1min to 1hour which is pretty massive. I would love if it was possible to add in 5min/10mins/30mins aswell.

while working i find it very tricky as 1min is too short / 1 hr too long


you can switch to CFD mode to chart

CFD has different stocks, sometimes more sometimes less.

OP - It has been brought up before, hopefully they will add this feature to the Invest accounts.
I think their logic behind it is, the accounts are more for long term trades, whereby the 5min chart should not be of use etc.


ooooo had no idea about the CFD timers. Its alittle annoying tho as you cant be logged into invert / CFD at the same time.

im still pretty new in trading so iā€™m staying clear of CFD for now.

hopefully they can add it soon then :slight_smile: should be a fairly easy update if its already up and running in CFD