We'll call it AutoInvest

So you already know about the Pie we’re baking. Let us unveil a bit more… Here is how you’d set an auto investing schedule.

Turn your financial goals into reality with AutoInvest. Grow your money by making investing an automated habit. Start small today and reap the benefits of compounding.
AutoInvest is our commitment to smart, long-term investing. And we are launching it in April.


Super nice! I am so excited about AutoInvest feature. :+1:

Looks like something I had in mind as well and I am happy to see it here soon. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You are not making it easy for the competitors!! :ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5: Can’t wait


This looks unbelievable. Good job guys

Looking forward to the new feature. Amazing work for the whole team. Thank you for spoiling us.


Wow Honestly I signed up yesterday but I’m impressed by how many features you guys offer compared to other UK/European fintechs…

Good to see at least a fintech who also cares about innovation


@BoolQ I’m glad you like it. Your idea was indeed on point!


So impressed by you guys! So impressed !

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All the features coming in this April release will make our lives so much easer (and better), I really want to thank you all from T212 team :kissing_heart:

PS: actually I can even pay to have this features :grin:


Awesome and very useful tool! I can’t wait and hopefully the market will still be as cheap.

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Very cool. Can you auto invest into any stock or ETF? Like 10% here and 10% there.

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Hi @pipo,

Can you auto invest into any stock or ETF?

You will be able to add any stock or ETF that supports fractions to your Pie. And then automate it. We are working towards making all instruments fractionable.

Like 10% here and 10% there.

Yes. Check out this thread to see how exactly it will work.


Hiya, when is this feature coming Live. Any dates, any training videos how it will work.

Keenly looking fwd.

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We’re aiming to release it in April.

As for the training materials: We will (at the very least) provide a very detailed introduction of the feature in the What’s new section of the forum. We will try our best to follow up with video tutorials as well.


Starting to refresh Google Play. Can’t wait for this!


Then let me reveal another piece of the :jigsaw:


That’s awesome! It would be great to be able to spend the money resting there (free funds) without the need to transfer back/withdrawal, so an emergency fund would make sense there!

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Those icons on the pies, is there a big library of them and are they designed by T212? I suppose you can change them for each pie. Amazing work Trading212!

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I hope there is a bicycle or wheel icon in that icon library xD would be cool to set aside a portion of my ISA for funding my next bike, or even just to invest in the cycling industry.