We've reached 700,000 funded Invest & ISA accounts

Fantastic news guys! :clap:

When and where are we having the socially distanced party to celebrate!? :joy:

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don’t think socially distanced partied where ever an issue. why do you think zoom is zooming :eyes:

Personally I am a little concerned their 2019 accounts showed a loos of 300k vs a profit of 1.8mill in 2018…Have they addressed this in any posts recently?

possbily not such an issue as per this thread:

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Read the strategic report in the financial accounts: literally at a glance, it’s due to a pivot towards growing the client base for Invest & ISA accounts which incurred a significant promotional push (marketing and advertising) that was more than anticipated. Further, the strategic narrative says short term profitability is unlikely to increase to pre-2019 levels as they continue to focus on growth (normal I’d say). Plus the taps for securities lending revenue have only just been turned on this year so you’ll see that filter through in the future audited accounts.

Reading the narrative is important when interpreting financial statements and remember they are out of date (backwards looking).

Again I’ve only had a glance not a deepdive,so if anyone else can shed light feel free.


They’re offering a free to use service for us all to try and excel and yet still people are questioning the profitability?
Can anyone offer t212 some advice on how to be more profitable i think they might need some help?

T212 are a tech company and for them to grow and become more profitable they need to grow to such a scale that the cost of offering free services becomes negligible. So far they are scaling without the need to raise external funds, which in itself is a monumental achievement. Take Robinhood for example, they have reached a valuation of 8 billion through fundraising and they are not even profitable yet. If T 212 were to decide to go that route they will definitely be valued in the multiples of unicorn status. Right now they are incurring a high cost of customer acquisition until they scale up. I wouldn’t be concerned about them not making a profit right now but how robust their platform is. A lot of tech companies make billions of losses for several years before starting to rake in the profits. T212 are here for the long term and they will rise to the top in a crowded market at their current growth rate.

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I’m amazed people come and take advantage of the free t212 platform watch it excel, make some money and then are so empowered by the success they question the profitability of the platform they’re on.
You should be doing everything to praise t212 and help give back some of what you have taken


You’re amazed that I want to make sure the company i’m planning to put a large sum of money into is liquid and sustainable business model so the risk to my deposit is minimal?

Its a financial services company so Im less bothered about praising a random company than making sure my money is safe with a relatively unknown/ new business vs the more established brokers.

I’d happily pay for the service if it made it more profitable and secure company for the 0 FX fees they provide, the fact its free doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be analysed and made sure are a secure broker! Thats insane if thats the threshold you have for doing DD on a institution holding your money…

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I’ve been with t212 for some time on and off and personally I think it keeps getting better, they are registered with the fca and your funds/stock are held in separate client accounts what more would you like for free?
I will check out a company before I invest in it yes but we’re not investing in t212, criticising the company on its own forum for not making money is insane especially due to the rate of growth they are going through.
If your not happy with your DD go to a paid for broker but make sure you do you DD there aswell.

People sell they’re houses in the same fashion but don’t check the profitability of the conveyancer or solicitor before they allow the transfer to go through (again separate client accounts) even though its the largest fund they will likely ever have

proud to be part of the movement :slight_smile:

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