We’ve reached 1 million funded Invest & ISA accounts

Big thanks to everyone here who helped us build a better product with their constructive feedback.


Close call. Grats T212. :partying_face:


Congratulations. :tada: Did the one millionth account opener get a special prize in recognition? My friends opened and funded two accounts yesterday. I think we got shares in GE.

Does this put Trading 212 in second place amongst UK based platforms for number of clients?


Can you predict Nikola stock price for next Christmas please?


The community is getting bigger. Congrats! :partying_face:

Great work. Pies & autoinvest have no doubt played a big part. What will 2021 bring us :eyes:?

Congratulations! :smiley:
The growth of the platform is spectacular.

As we all know, stonks can only go up, so I predict NKLA at 36 cents for :christmas_tree: 2021. Join the ride. :roller_coaster:


Image all these accounts paying 1€ monthly subscription :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Don’t say it :roll_eyes::rage: there goes my dividends :joy:

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Did we read elsewhere recently that assets in client accounts are now $1B? So average account size is just $1000?

Maybe I misremember or confuse with daily trading volume.

Hargreaves Lansdown claims to have average account size around £55,000.

Bro don’t hate on me like that :joy:

This is just funded accounts, might have to think about how many unused accounts might be dragging the average down. I don’t think £1,000 is that bad though

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The $1B announcement was made in August, therefore considering the growth rate in number of accounts, that existing customers have probably continued investing more and that the overall stock market has increased in value over this time frame I would not be surprised if the assets under management were now around $3B.

Either way, that would just be $3000 per account, much smaller than the £55,000 ($75,200) you quote for HL, which is 25 times more.

Possible reasons:

  • It could be that there are a lot of accounts created just for the freeshare.
  • Retail investors particularly those starting investing, with mortgages or quite young have limited budgets. The survey on the community forum a few months ago indicated that most users on here are quite young (18-40), although this might not be a true representation of all T212 users (only the forum subset).
  • It is likely that a large number of UK users will have both an ISA and an Invest account, hence the total number of users is likely to be lower than any combined number, so the average capital per user ill be higher (although not that much higher, considering EU residents/users).
  • No in-specie transfer probably results in some customers not transferring in their portfolio despite being very happy with T212 as that would result in liquidation and incurring in capital gains taxes.
  • Larger budget investors with significant capital may prefer to invest with traditional brokers that offer telephone assistance and even in some cases branch assistance if something goes wrong (thinking of banks like HSBC, Barclays, Santander, ING, BNP and Deutsche Bank). I can’t blame them, sorting something affecting 7 figure (or more) accounts on a chat pannel or community forum is not great, particularly if you live off that income such as retired investors.

Basis for “guess”:

$1B assets under management in August 2020:

500,000 ISA and Invest accounts in July 2020:

Age poll:


I agree with all you say. And the fact that my memory did correctly recall the content a post made in August is reassuring for someone my age.


Average daily deposits per account, no? :thinking:

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And most going to buy more TSLA, no?

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I think Tesla212 is here for this :rocket:


Could have reached double these statistics if ARK ETFs had been avalable.


Congratulations! :smiley:

This is great news, well done.