300,000+ funded Invest and ISA accounts

Мore than 300,000 people have opened and funded Invest and ISA accounts with Trading 212. Half of them log in every week. These are not just users but real, funded accounts.


Well done! :slight_smile:
Have you noticed any trend in this global pandemic period? Are people (specifically, T212 clients) investing more as they have more opportunities to check the stock market at any time of the day due to staying home, or less because they now tend to save more money in “safer” types of investments?

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T212 is worlds ahead of any other UK platform so I hope that only continues!

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honeslty i dont believe they are so much ahead. Revolut so far is the best all round. by the time they gonna offer ETF and ISA i gonna ditch this Trading212 platform.

I am a fan of Revolut bank account, but when it comes to stock investing I don’t see them as comparable at all. No desktop platform, phone app shows only very limited information, no possibility of limit orders, and only US shares.

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I used Revolut to buy Southern Copper as it isn’t offered here.

It’s terrible. More bare bones then Freetrade.

Worst part about Revolut, is that they are not near profitable. Do you want to hold your life savings/investment in company that has negative balance sheet each year? :slight_smile:

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Same applies to any of the UK Fintechs.

Well they dont offer investing platform…

It is one thing to have traveling account, where you top up adhoc.

Totally different then having 10k-100k+ savings

Doesn’t matter.

Starling Monzo are far beyond travel accounts and both are regularly holding amounts you state.

So the point stands.

I am talking about Revolut…anyway t212 topic :slight_smile:

Reports indicate that Revolut is in a state of flux…

I am not sure why the need to trash companies. I think it is a good thing we all have a choice on who to use and am glad all these companies exist. Also you can’t compare apples with oranges! These fintechs offer different propositions and they will definitely not suit everyone. Trading 212 are hands down the best trading platform and Revolut are excellent if you know how to use them. Besides, these fintechs are still developing so they may not tick every box yet but it looks like they will get there soon. These are just tools for us to use and if we use them correctly the rewards are great.


T212 is definitely the best app out there but I would like to see an expansion on equity availability. Is there any plan to expand the amount of stocks available to trade? And why is the selection so limited at present?

Thank you, this is most helpful. :+1:t3: