What a bounce back🤨😲

That has got to be one of the top 5 bounce back stories in Trading I got out of Tesla and apple as they started to plumb-it as I bought too high after the split, I bought back in at what was the low during the opening session and apple is already back up 3% from its opening start…:astonished:this stock market would give old school Traders a heart attack.:exploding_head:

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I feel like I should say ‘Cool story bro’?

The bounce is just natural after falling hard. Both got more to fall, take profits when you can.


Indeed but it is nutz it’s almost as if every stock has a new feeling to them as if they’ve only just opened to the public

These are perfect conditions for swing trading

It’s just a tech bubble popping, and TSLA having been hyped up and seriously over bought. It’s just a correction.

This year has been great for swing trading.

Nuts indeed though, I feel sorry for those that chased. I wonder how many billions will be taken from retail traders this year.

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S&P500 tested support @ 3350$ several times successfully.
So it’s not impossible to see markets going up again :wink:

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Go ROKU now that’s a bounce back

SPCE up almost 10%,I wounder what the news is…??:money_mouth_face: