Tesla_ going down. Or up?

Dose anyone here believes that tesla will go back up to 420. Why would it after the batteryday Disappointment


Think it will cos a lot of other stocks I follow also crashed. So they will obviously bounce back.


TSLA always go up, just keep buying the dips. :rocket:


Why should it bouce back?

Telsa did have a market cap greater than Toyota, Volkwagen and Ford combined. Tesla market cap has since dropped and so it is not as large as these 3 now, but I would be surprised if Telsa sold more cars than these 3 companies in 2025.

I would also direct you to this article. https://www.forbes.com/sites/danrunkevicius/2020/09/22/the-stock-market-hangs-on-not-what-youd-think/#a4d696676ec6

Lots of Options Traders in the US placing $35Bn worth of options trades meant the brokers bought ~$500Bn worth of stock to off-set the risk. There may be a correction coming regardless of battery day


1,000 next week for sure!!! :rocket:

Tesla fell, as did the whole Nasdaq, when this happened a few weeks back the whole Nasdaq bounced back. plus most tech stocks fell yesterday. its the nature of the stock market atm and its unpredictability. if tesla was falling and other tech stocks rising then that would be different.

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Yeah! That im sure off, but lets hope it will go up before the margin call :wink:

I wasn’t disappointed. They have a sedan that can do 0-60 in under 2 seconds and a battery over 50% cheaper whilst being 50% more dense… just because it wasn’t super exciting doesn’t mean it was disappointing. What more did you expect from battery day?

I’m not disappointed either. I do believe that tesla will effect the vehicle Industry mindset. And i do believe that it has a bight future, but i dont know why investors where not satisfied with the battery day event??

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Overhyped. Making a video on this right now. Investors were expecting some magical battery thing to be announced and immediately put into effect doubling profits or something. But instead they have to wait like a year. Sell off not justified based on battery day. But the system outage put some more petrol on the fire I think


They plan to go in mining so will go up…

Maybe because they only have PowerPoint slides now and everyone already knows that 2 years in Musk universe means from 3 to 5?

and don’t believe that not other companies are doing heavy R&D on batteries as well, so all these supposed advantages might not be a big deal in 3 to 5 years.

Tesla depends 100% on this to be able to reduce their final price, other car makers don’t.

420? Definitely. Still too cheap. Listen ARK, fair value 1400, not less :wink:

I really hope you are joking… if not… :joy: :joy: :joy:

It’s exactly this. They want immediate profit, not long term efficiency and productivity. Battery day was huge in terms of Tesla’s future, but a let down to people wanting a quick profit magical solution.

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The people who are disappointed are fools what tesla has just announced is basically the iphone in a world of nokia 3310s!!!

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Fixed for truth :trolleybus:

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This has made me chuckle :laughing:.
Battery Day a disappointment?
Will Tesla, one of the biggest companies in the world to back up? Obviously!!!

When ever Tesla drops I buy. Its the only holding in my port which will be there forever.

Sounds legit. Plus Tesla are getting into insurance they’re going to own it.

Are you for real mate.I love seeing people like you extremely bitter because youve missed the boat on tesla. Its still not too late Too jump on, you dont have to be a debbie downer you know.