What are the horizontal lines on T212 graphs?

If I click on my pie and then on an individual ETF I see a graphical representation of the prices.
On those graphs I see an unbroken horizontal line (not the axis) and a dotted horizontal line.

Can anyone tell me what these represent please?


The blue line is the current value of the investment and the dotted line is the amount invested. If the blue line is above the dotted line, your investment is in profit.


Thanks Max.
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The solid horizontal line you’re seeing is there to point out an important price point. Often, it’s showing you where the price ended up at the close of the last trading day, or it might mark another key price that the platform thinks you should be aware of. It’s pretty handy for quickly seeing how the current price compares to that significant level.The dotted horizontal line is a bit different. It usually shows a price target or an alert you’ve set yourself. Think of it as a personal reminder or marker for a price you’re keeping an eye on, maybe because you’re thinking about buying or selling at that point.Both these lines are like quick visual aids or shortcuts to help you make sense of what’s happening with your investments without having to dive into the numbers too much. If you’re ever scratching your head about what these lines mean or how to make the most of them, T212 has got a bunch of help resources. Or, you could just shoot their support team a message for the inside scoop. They’re there to clear up any confusion and help you get the hang of all the cool features the platform offers.

That doesn’t sound right to me. The dotted line is the price per unit at which you bought, and the wavy line is the current price per unit. Not amount you invested.

Unfortunately in the Beta version, they don’t show you the price line at which you bought, though there’s a number on the axis. I kept changing colours to try to see the line but the Bot says there isn’t one any more, which is a ***** nuisance.
You can put one in yourself at the bought price, but it’s hard to be accurate. If you want to be in and out quickly, the platform really isn’t suitable any more.
You look at a different stock, come back and have to find out where it was you bought … not good.

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Do you have an ISA account? I’m looking at my ISA account right now (both Beta and Legacy app) and the dotted line is clearly the total amount that I’ve invested. The blue line is the current portfolio value.

However, when I switch to Invest (demo), I don’t see that dotted line. So perhaps it’s just an ISA feature. @Bogi.H, can you confirm?

It just occurred to me that we may be talking about different things. I was referring to the portfolio graph, but perhaps you and @Kevin_0 are referring to the dotted line on the actual stock chart.

If so, you are most likely correct: the grey horizontal dotted line probably represents the cost basis of my investment (in other words, the weighted average price). Whereas the green line represents the current price of the stock.