Profit/Loss for all stocks/ETFs on one chart please!

Hi everyone,

Since February, I’ve been plotting my investments on a spreadsheet so I can see a visual chart that displays all of my stocks/ETFs in one place… Please see attached.

Its obviously very time consuming, so it would be really helpful if this was something that could be included within T212. What do you think?

The attached charts displays all of my investments as a profit/loss with the black bold line as my total and another which displays all stocks/ETFs as a % daily change on share value, starting from 0% as the day the first position on that stock was opened.

The % change chart is really useful, as it shows a constant to compare all of your positions.

What are your thoughts?


Wow! That is beautiful, but it sounds very time consuming. Something similar is possible using Morningstar charting with the “compare” graphing feature, but it misses out your personal weightings. Do you find that this charting helps you to improve investment decisions? Certainly, this sort of charting would be nice for Trading 212 to provide. Below shows value of 10,000 put in various instruments. The start date and end dates can be easily adjusted.