T212 future/roadmap

Hi T212 Team,

Firstly, great work on running this community, replying was very prompt and informative.

I would like to ask, if in future, you might share roadmap with community? Near/long term?

Also some weekly/monthly updates for us to see what the future brings, goals etc. More involving community to produce clearer image of road ahead, milestone features etc.

Ps: timelines are not the goal, rather visibility on what features are high/low priority. What can we look forward to etc


As long as it doesn’t take away from current resource they have that is being deployed to bring their current plans to fruition, as this sort of thing requires dedicated effort.

We are working on something big that we will release in March. It will be a surprise and will add an entirely new dimension to our product for the long-term investors.

In the meantime, here are a few things that are coming very soon:

- Recurring deposits
- PayPal integration
- Direct debit
- Company fundamentals

-Updated portfolio view


Love that portfolio graph! What does the dotted line represent?

That’s very good news and looking forward for all the changes, especially since there is also an impact to long-term investors. :blush:

@Ivan, you think there is a chance to combine this feature with something similar to [Buy Options] Recurrence in the future?

Congratulations for your work on the platform and I hope cool features will continue to come! :+1:

@Cam If I had to guess, dotted line is the funds put in the portfolio.

@Ivan awsome and quick response , I am hoping surprise has something to do wirh Dividends /auto reinvestment/tracking :))


@Vedran You are right, the dotted line represents the funds invested into the portfolio.

Is it possible to beta test the new features?


That’s a good idea. We’ll discuss with the team how to organise it.


I have another feature I think should be added as a priority : please can you add the buy and sell quotes side by side? This will make it easier to work out the spread and its effects on returns when you decide to sell. At the moment the buy price is the only one shown and this is misleading because when you sell an instrument what you get is different to what you expect.


@Ivan please if already not work in progress.
For mobile app, when we track price graph of stock/etf, there are day/week/month/year timeline, then if you press on graph you see actual price on specific day/hour, it would be great if you can add % gain /loss from the selected hour/day till current.

So we can track on custome timeline without going deeper in graph details, helps to see accurately drop or gain.


Would it be possible to include the upcoming ex-dividend date(s), dividend date(s) and expected payment(s) per share on the Company fundamentals page?

PS. On the Portfolio view, the RETURN value is green, but has a negative sign (-911.05). I think the negative sign is a bug. It should either be a positive sign (+911.05), or no sign (911.05). I’d personally prefer to see a positive sign when the portfolio value is growing and a negative sign when it is shrinking.


@DanyTrog Until they add it, you can use this

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Will this also be for the web interface?

Hi Ivan,
It’s great to have some exciting news like this!
But can I give some suggestions for future improvements?

  1. We would need much more stocks, now there are so many missing, even with medium-large cap
  2. There’s an annoying bug in the app: many graphs are incomplete, like really old companies but with data starting 1 month ago ore something like this
  3. I would love it if you add italian stocks. Italy is the only big european market missing
  4. It would be great if you add some basic info about companies like dividend yield, dividend date and so on

Thank you,

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Thanks for the suggestions. They are all in the pipeline.

(1) and (3) We are working on offering thousands of more stocks in the next few months. There’s some integration work, multiple agreements with exchanges, data providers, etc.

(2) It’s related to (1).

(4) The feature was supposed to be released today but we’ll need a few more days.


I am looking forward to 4 :blush:



Would love to hear what is next on menu after the major release.

Keep up the great work! :slight_smile: