What are you favourite Investing Mantra’s / Quotes?

Hi all, I am still fairly new to trading, only started midway through this year.

I noticed someone put PAYtience on a post the other day which I liked, but I am just wondering what are your favourite investing quotes or Mantras that help you keep a clear mind and retain focus on your goals please?

Many thanks in advance


“Money never changes, just the pocket it’s in.”


Ignore the noise

Don’t go in too heavy

Have some back in funds ready

Always do your DD

Check the charts

Don’t chase

Make an entry/exit plan

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Invest in as much of yourself as you can

If you can’t handle fear you shouldn’t investing

Don’t change your mind with the wind

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I know it’s kinda out of context but i have to say it

“No amount of money, has ever bought a second of time”

Time is the most valuable thing ever.
It can’t be purchased for what ever amount of money u wish

It cant be gifted, traded or given back once it’s gone

Use your time in the best way, it’s the best investment you can ever make


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What a sad bastard was Rockefeller if that truly was the only thing that gave him pleasure.

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Can you explain a bit about entry and exit plans?

For me it means looking at key support and resistance points. Looking at where it becomes over sold and over bought on the 4h and daily.

Basically see where you want to get in, have a TP point and don’t get greedy


Don’t focus on making money focus on protecting what you have


Start of with a stick…as you won’t have a helicopter to fly to the top of the mountain.

There’s greed and there’s fear, don’t be one of those

Never listen to an expert, this is your path.

Don’t get cocky with money.

Only spend what you can afford.

I just freelanced these

You’ve got to love Warren! He’s had some crackers over time.