What are you playing at with the Silver CFD suspension?

I have had a Silver trade running for the last week.
Its 11:15pm the Markets are now open and Silver on all other Platforms has gapped up and currently trading at $28.40, I should be in profit but am not reaping the rewards of my position
because you have decided to seize all trading on the commodity, with my position locked.
What’s going on with your platform? I have just been onto IG and their platform is working fine, how do you expect people to trust and put money on your platform when it’s not fit for purpose?

You have essentially robbed me of my trade.


Lost half my gains because of what they did to silver I’ve been asking the same thing since Thursday. No response and I’m guessing you saw what happened in the first 30 minutes of the market opening tonight. It’s beyond a joke.

I expect my losses due to this circus repaid! They have all the info they need and it needs sorting in good time!