What do you think of National Grid?

This stock should be less affected by COVID-19. It seems they are still far below pre COVID-19. They are paying dividend of 5.67%

Their balance sheet is not bad where they still have much more assets (67,089,000) than liability(47,505,000).

EBITDA 4,474,000

NET INCOME 1,264,000

I try to find out from analysts many of them did not provide price forecast, but a few have rated this company as a buy with price prediction above the current price.

I did not see any bad news about them.
Any though and bearish and bullish thesis??

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the bad news I remember is that a lot of their debt was denominated in dollars (they borrowed for their US expansions) and with Brexit, the pound weakened a bit and this provided quite a bit of pressure for the company. Personally don’t like management too much as the company has been a bit stagnant unlike the higher-up’s total renumeration. Also having more renewables could provide difficult balancing wise but that’ll probably just need some adaptation.


Same the same opinion with Management executive pay. Unlike in technology sector many Executive in the Energy companies get ridiculous pay and they get rewarded even for a poor performance.

My portfolio is already very heavy in technology and EV Sector so would want to find another sector where I believe I could make money even with a slower phase to balance it.

Personally don’t think National grid will really go anywhere, they do have some interesting projects but with some of the problems noted earlier I don’t think they’ll outperform their peers in the utility sector. The weaker dollar might provide some relief as their expansion into the US would be easier.

in utilities I personally like NEE but that isn’t as much as a value so that wouldn’t really diversify you asway from tech/ev. I hold shares of the European utility Engie SA which may be intersting for you if you’ve looked at national grid. Engie has had bad performance the last couple of years as the company transitioned to renewables, a bit earlier than the others. Growth seemed to be back in 2019 and then covid hit. They currently are cleaning up their portfolio (they sold Suez, the waste managment part of their bussines) and were also looking to sell their water divisions. Moreover they will focus more on India, south america, some parts of africa and europe and dispose of the non core assets in other parts of the world. I see quite some upside with them.

Engie has the government as a significant shareholder (they even removed the CEO who started the renewable transition), so that is a significant risk and has hindered them in the past.

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My intenetion is not for long term hold. As soona as they are close to PreCOVID 19, I will sell it. Lookign into the current price there is still alot of room for this.

My Thesis is that there is no significant fundamental change with NG, the market response to the stock might be purely sentimental. Also because there are not a lot of anaylists coverage or publication for this stock.

The Exchange rate is a good point, but other companies also have these problem as they are buying US products or doing some businesses in the US.

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NG most likely will continue to be a stable bussines. I agree with you that they could very well return to pre covid prices, but I think that would take some time.

very true

NG is a utility unlike most other utilities due to its regulated monopolies in electricity transmission and gas distribution. That makes it very stable.

So I’d look at it for stable dividend yields but I wouldn’t expect large growth.

For utilities sector i bought Iberdrola, RWE, Engie, Uniper, National Grid and Southern Co. On my buy list is Nextera. When T212 will add Enel and Orsted i will buy them too. It is a good sector for a portofolio.

Afaik we have access to Enel via OTC market, ticker ENLAY. Also Orsted is available via DNNGY ticker.

On invest account that is.

Yes, but i dont undertstand OTC market and how it works…

OTC is just means of transaction, underlying asset is the same from my understanding.

You can see that even when you buy established companies sometimes in transaction details, it is not TOTV but OTC.

Especially for fractional shares, where each purchase is made OTC.

So the main difference between OTC market and exchange purchase is liquidity.

I’ve heard of Iberdrola before, could you maybe elaborate on your investment with them?

I took a look at this etf portofolio for investing ideas: https://www.ishares.com/uk/individual/en/products/251967/ishares-stoxx-europe-600-utilities-ucits-etf-de-fund

Hi Etypsyno, Iberdrola is an electric utility with a significant amount of renewable energy. It’s latest strategic plan continues to develop on this by increasing its renewables further.
It operates in several markets, off the top of my head it has significant presence in Spain, the UK and the USA and I think it recently acquired additional companies in Australia and Brazil.