What does it do this?

So… been waiting for a short on this pair for about an hour then price drops massively and yet my money is going down…


It got all the way to the bottom of that red wick and I was on -£40 but at the very top I was only -£20… how does that make sense?

the spread difference, look at the buy price not the sell and you will see the difference

You can also add a screenshot by just dragging the image in the area where you enter the text. Easier than using an url. Just saying…

I can see that, I was aware at the time… just wondering why it does that

I mean, it’s clicking a link. It’s not too much work lmao. But, noted.

wondering why there is a spread difference?


Spread is dynamically adjusted, based on the volatility of the instrument and it’s market conditions. It is expected for the spread to widen when there is a big market movement, which affects your trading result.

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