What happens when i have to position opened

So on the CFD account in Settings there is an option where i can choose to average my price instead of having multiple trades open at same time…but what happens when I open different orders of same stock at different prices in the investing account,…do they average out or i will have multiple orders open? because that seting is not present in the investing account

so your issue is aggregating vs hedging?

basically, invest automatically collects all your positions with a single stock/bond/etf and averages the purchase prices to give you an easy to calculate average price and total return becomes a simple multiplication of the difference in average purchase and current price, against the number of shares. this is likely because you can’t short sell, so all changes in positions will either be buying more shares, or selling some of what you already own.

Hedging on CFDs allows you to buy 100 shares of something, while simultaneously selling perhaps 20 or 45 etc of that same share. instead of averaging them off and reducing how many shares you have in the position, this lets you make money on any short terms rises and dips though the profit will be roughly negated until 1 of the positions is closed. but when this isnt the goal you can choose to aggregate instead.

However there is an argument that perhaps could be made to allow aggregating on invest for those who reside in countries that want an accurate tax log of which prices a particular share was bought/sold at.

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