What sources do you read for out of your norm ideas?

For me it is not the obvious SimplyBS, or TMF, but a relatively new blog called the collective finance. I don’t believe in all their preachings, but it is refreshing to find one that doesn’t come with a pile of ads.

I actually really like shares magazine by AJ bell.

It has a strong focus on the LSE and covers some of the AIM stocks I would never generally hear of.

As well as the AIM shares it has there general picks and a bit of analysis.

However, generally speaking im an index investor so there is some coverage on that and also trusts etc.

Plus, it’s free

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Interesting. I’ll have a read through.

I ocassionally have a read through some of the posts on this blog, some ideas are really outside the box:

He also gives stock tips but those are “premium” and I have not subscribed or anything.