What would happen to my account if my country adopts Euro as it's currency

Hi I’m mainly just curious. I’m in Romania and I have an account in RON. What happens to my account if in the future (~ 10-100 years probably) my country decides to adopt EUR as a currency. My account would still stay in RON right? If I deposit money into it how would I do it? Convert from EUR to RON? A currency that technically no longer exists?

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It might be worth having a look what happened when other countries adopted the EUR.

I would expect if RON were to expire as a currency, your account would have to convert to EUR.

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Assuming that this scenario does indeed occur, you can be certain that we’ll notify you of our approach in a timely manner.

Not to soon needs 5y stable inflation and ERM

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Other previous non-EUR accounts (banks, brokers, companies, social security, taxes, clients, suppliers, etc) were all converted to EUR according to a pre-determined fixed foreign exchange, and the former currency disappears.

In the beginning, every day to day shopping, the stores/shops will accept both physical currencies, the old and the EUR. But it’s for a short period of time.

Physical money could also be exchanged for the new EUR notes and coins, during a transitory period of time at banks and the Central Bank (the last resort exchange).