When can I open ISA account after closing from another broker

I just closed my existing ISA account with another broker to open up an ISA with Trading 212 because I wanted to do Automatic Pie investing with ISA account here. Is Pie investing possible with ISA account? If so, do I have to wait till next year to open up ISA account with Trading 212? When is the earliest I can open?

April, if you were funding the Stock and Shares ISA this tax year

I don’t believe the rules are any different for a S&S ISA over any other? Correct me if I’m wrong

In which case so long as your other S&S ISA is closed you can open another today. What you cannot do is use your full allowance. Any money withdrawn from your old ISA that was put in this tax year still counts towards your allowance.

(My post is wrong I think. There’s so much conflicting information on a simple question)

The rules for that matter are the same for any ISA, you can transfer your ISA to another provider and continue investing, but you can’t pay into two different ISAs in the same tax year, which is the case if you close your ISA and open a new one.

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Yeah I think I’m remembering old information from years back :smile: