When do you usually get your Shares that you paid via Shares Issue?


Asking as I completed a Share Issue two weeks before the Share Issue of the LXI REIT on 3rd March. (2 shares at 124.50p)

What is the turnaround time to add these shares to my Account? New to this part of Investing

Many thanks.

Still awaiting an answer for this.

Any update to this @Team212?

15th March, as detailed in the offer timetable.

A small note, I don’t hold those shares, but it took me less than two minutes to find the answer.


Still waiting then as the 15th has come and gone.

@Team212 Would you know when I get my 2 Shares from the LXI REIT? It’s been 3 days after the issue on the 15th.

Kinds regards

@Venetia1993 LXI Reit Plc Equity offering has been completed. You will find the newly issued shares distributed to your account.

Equities from such events are usually distributed on their trading commencement day or the day after, but this depends on other parties so delays may be present in rare cases.