Status of National Grid Right Issue

How to track National Grid right issue stocks. I subscribed to it, but do not know who to track the order and know when stocks will be credited in my account.


Likewise -also had subscribed to the rights issue but so far have not had my rights shares issued to my current holding. I thought today was the day they should have been received?? Anybody else comment on this

If you have decided to participate in the rights issue event, there’s no need for further action. As soon as the corporate event is completed and we receive the shares from the rights issue, we’ll distribute them to all shareholders who participated.

Generally, this process takes anywhere between 10 days to a month, depending on the specific structure of the issue. The newly allocated shares will be automatically credited to your account, while the necessary funds will be held in reserve until the pay date.

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While I’m not able to quote my sources, some people have received thier rights issue shares with other providers

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Yeah most people I know had them deposited in their brokerage trading accounts today fwiw… hence the shout out here to see what’s happening. (Just in case it was just me missing them!) thanks

I’m sure I saw they were expected to be admitted on 12th. Had forgotten all about it to be honest.

The new shares have been distributed :heavy_check_mark: