When is T212 going to do an IPO?

Okay I know its only a matter of time before T212 goes public. Could you enlighten us with rough dates?

How do you know T212 is going public in a matter of time?

What have you been smoking? :smiley:


Il be saying I told you so when it happens back on this thread :joy:

Trading 212 is not going public any time soon.


You know who else is doing really well? Huawei, Deloitte, Ikea, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and many more $50B++ companies that are private. And many more “Eye Candy” companies like SpaceX.

There is absolutely no reason to go public unless you need to raise massive amount of cash. As long as you keep a steady stream of revenue and you are able to profit after spending your desired amount of R&D and future investments, going public is just sharing your profits :slight_smile:

I am not saying “it will never happen” but doing an IPO and going public is not a necessity in the lifetime of a successful company.

I can now create a topic and say Luka Doncic will score more than 60 points in a game. A lot of great players did it before and a lot of great even legendary players did not. But even if he does score 60 at some point there’d be little point in me saying “I told you so” :peace_symbol: