When will bitcoin EFT be available in UK?

When will the bitcoin EFT be available in the UK, with any broker?

And also will it come to T212, if so, when?

Not until the FCA softens its stance.

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Never, until FCA allow that.

1 - US ETFs (all types and asset classes) aren’t allowed to European-residents retail investors in every European broker.

2 - Other collective investment vehicles are allowed in Europe for retail investors, for example, crypto ETNs, but aren’t allowed in UK due to the FCA. Unless mistaken, UK is the only jurisdiction that prohibited crypto ETNs for retail investors.

Note 1: It seems that T212 has several crypto ETNs but only for investors in T212 Cyprus, the EU customers platform.

Note 2: For me, UK is also part of Europe.

Thanks guys. Will keep focused on buying actually crypto then until this ever changed if it ever does