Where is Pie investing from desktop web app?

Is pie investing only for mobile app? That’s the only guide I see in the official doc. Is there a way to do this on the desktop app?

Did you try on desktop? When you do, a pop up msssage tells you that pies are not yet available there but that it will be coming.

Ah ok thanks. I couldn’t even find it on the desktop app.

Hmm… it turns out I can’t find the create pie button even on the mobile app… Where can I find this? Do I need to fund the account first? I thought I would fund it after I create the pies.

You only see it when you are part of the beta testers. Release will be soon for all investors. Guess they will release the desktop version together with it.

Have you signed up for the beta? If so you will see a pie tab like this.

Go to the bottom. There is + sign for starting a new pie.

Sign up here

Thanks for that. I just signed up for the beta now.