Pie Investing if I am beginning

How do you setup pie investing?? I can´t seem to find the option anywhere on the app

Have you tried reading this?

It seems like you’ve got only a CFD account at the moment and AutoInvest is available only for Invest & ISA accounts. You’ll be able to see the Pie tab once you open an Invest account. :slight_smile: :pie:


Hi, I cannot seem to find the option as well. I have the ISA account. I have the app on iPad and also checked the website on my windows desktop. No luck yet.

for the website check that you have /beta at the end of the URL. iPad app is rather outdated and won’t have it, but the newest updates to mobile apps should have it available for you.

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Yup got it working on my desktop now thanks. Another issue which was bothering me was I can’t see the 10 year chart. For that I’ve to go see another provider like yahoo finance for example. Is there a work around?

Trading 212 don’t have chart history from before it was added to the platform. I’m not sure if they’ll fix it someday but I’m pretty certain it’s not in their priority list right now. I just pop onto Google when I need to look

do you use a charting platform? I used IG for some time. Any recommendations or just google does the job fine?

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Depends how much info you need. Webull is great for lots of data, Google is great for just a glance

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