Contract Note Statement from Trading 212

Hi, I am new to stocks and shares.

Please can some explain what each column header means in my ‘Contract Note Statement from Trading 212’ that I received today in an email?

I have been looking online and its a little confusing. I am especially referring to the ‘Total Cost’ column? Am I going to be charged, has this payment already been taken out of my share? etc…

The columns are as follows:

Order ID
Quantity Price
Total amount
Trading day
Trading time
Commission Charges and fees
Order Type
Execution venue
Exchange rate
Total cost

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Possibly the total cost to transact
Total cost = (commission + charges + fees)

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This is a record of past transactions. It is not a bill. You have already paid and this more like a receipt. You usually receive it a day after the transactions were made.

I think the headings are all self-explanatory. Which confuses you? I recommend that you compare a row in this statement with the corresponding record in your history. Since there are no fees, the total cost is just the cost of the shares plus any taxes.

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Thank you both for comments, after a closer look the total cost column now makes sense.