Where my profit?

Price already higher then buy point, how possible to be 9.77% in minus???

I don’t speak that language but I think that explains. (I presume it is spread and FX).

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One of the most common types is the bid-ask spread, which refers to the gap between the bid (from buyers) and the ask (from sellers) prices of a security or asset


There is probably not enough volume for this stock, so the liquidity is low. Which means there are not enough people willing to buy the stock at the current price. If I’m not mistaken this is called spread. When liquidity is low the spread gets bigger.

If you scroll down a little you will see the actual price that you can currently sell the stock for.

As you can see in my screenshot, the current price of my stock is 10.34, but the sell price is 10.30, so it shows that I’m at a loss, even though I bought at 10.33

Note that this isn’t an issue with the app or the broker, this is how the market works.

This is what you’re looking for:

There’s a 10% spread meaning you automatically start at a 10% loss. You gotta be careful with these penny/OTC stocks