I'm a bit puzzled, please help

I know if a stock is in a different currency to the main currency I’m trading in can affect this but after a certain point it does change.
I’ve had this all day now, the price rise is a good bit above my buying price but it is showing up on the graph but in my investment list it is showing as a loss, any help appreciated.

Oyj graph

Oyj inv

There is a difference between a Buy and Sell price of a stock known as a Spread.

The price you see on your chart is the Buy price, underneath where you see Your investment, you’ll see the Sell price, which may be a few cents less. So your return is being calculated at the Sell price compared to the average price you hold your shares at.

That combined with the exchange rate will be why you’re marginally in the red, as really, from what I can tell, the current price of the stock is only very marginally higher than your initial purchase price.

Thanks Slyster,
I’ve seen this before on some stocks but they have been in the same currency and after a few pence rise the the investment one in the list has changed.

Can be a bit confusing with different currency stocks that had me wondering.

Something strange just happened, as I took another look my dotted buy line has gone now.

No worries, certainly gets confused with the added variability between currencies!

I can’t tell if you’re on the Desktop version or App, I’m more familiar with the App but when you’re in a specific Stock you hold, you can toggle the drop down arrow next to ‘Return’ and it will specifically show you how your return is broken down between Gain/Loss and FX Impact (currency).

I’m on a desktop PC, I hate using the phone for stuff like this.

Something strange just happened, as I took another look my dotted buy line has gone now

This would indicate you no longer hold the stock. But this would also happen if your average price was not within the viewport, i.e. you had changed to daily view (which has your average price outside of the chart axis)

I thought that so I switched views and they didn’t show my dotted line buy.

what did you mean that I long hold the stock, I haven’t sold it?

Yes I mean in my experience the only two reasons I could imagine why the dotted line would disappear is either

a) you sold the stock
b) your chart view didn’t include your average price

But there could be other reasons, like a result of Desktop charting functionality which I’m unaware of, or a technical glitch.

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Hmm, I just did a refresh and it is still the same, no dotted line, how strange.

Thank you for your help by the way.

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Well my dotted buy line has reappeared and my stock is in the red now price dropped Grrr!

Your dotted line will disappear if the stock price is far below/above it. Look at the weekly/monthly view and your dotted line should appear.

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I did that, I went through all the different times but it had gone, anyway it came back after a while lol.