Why did it buy higher than I told it to? (Newb question)

I bought these stocks on a practice account when they were worth much much less than it’s saying I bought them at… why if I bought them at around 9.03 are they not profitable until around 9.05.

I’m very new to this, so please talk to me like I’m 5. :slight_smile:

you are being affected by the spread. you can see in the top left 2 different numbers.

one you get when you buy and the other sell, anytime you open a position you are on the side that loses a bit of money and you have to bridge the gap to turn a profit.

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You have a buy (ASK) price and the sell (BID) price, the spread is the difference which is always fluctuating depending on conditions.

You bought, so you are wanting to sell at more than you bought (going long)

The chart in CFD defaults to showing the sell price known as the BID.

So the green dotted is your position and you need the BID (the price you sell at) to go above this to be in profit.

Opposite to this you can also go short, you sell and then are hoping the buy price goes down to then close (essentially buying them at a lower price). You’ll want to flip the chart to show the ASK.