Where to see information about borrowed shares?

As per the latest “Amendments to the Share Dealing Service Terms of Business”, the clause 22.2 mentions this :

“You will be able to see information about whether we have borrowed your shares on the platform, including end-of-day information on what percentage of your shares (per instrument) have been lent to us.”

So where do I see this information about borrowed shares in the desktop site as well as the mobile version of the Trading 212 app?

Is it something that will be implemented at a later date?


Hey @aar :wave:

Yes, in fact, this is a feature that is already in development and we will notify you once it is live!

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Hey @aar

The feature is live!

Everyone who’d like to can now easily see what percentage of their shares have been lent out for the day by following these steps: Select the stock in question :arrow_right: scroll down to the bottom of the page :arrow_right: tap on “Securities Lending”.

All of the information will be available there. For a visual portrayal, see the screenshots below :


Hi @Hris.M . the Securities Lending option will show to us just in case it is leased or we need to upgrade the app to see this function? Thank you.

Hi, @Diegoscur

If no securities were lent out for the day, the option would still be visible, and it will indicate 0% as per the screenshot above.

On the other hand, you must have an open position with the instrument, and your app should be up to date.

If any other questions arise, feel free to share them with us.


Hi @Hris.M , could also T212 create an indicator that shows the portfolio’s total lending. Because opening each position to see the % of lending could be very work-intensive.


Am I right in thinking that every client of Trading 212 will see the same percentage for any given stock? So far as I can see, all of mine have 0% lending today.


@RLX Thanks for the suggestion, we will consider it.

@Richard.W You are absolutely right! All clients will see the same number.