Shares lending dashboard

I saw in my 2 or 3 latest monthly statements that 10-20-30% some of my stock are lent and I cant see what % I am receiving and what amount I will/should receive. For last 3 months I havent got a single cent from lending and I always see that some are lent on 20-30% of my shares. How can I find any information about lending?

Click the Burger Icon and choose the menu item “Earn interest on share” shown below:

Or within the App you can click on individual instruments and under your investment details and price alerts you should have lending info such as below:

You can then click More Details or Most Borrow to enter the lending dashboard.

I am from EU and I dont have this option.

The ‘Earn interest on your shares’ option is currently available for our UK customers only. I’ll update the thread once the option becomes available for our EU clients.